Penetrating Keratoplasty (PK)

Corneal transplant surgery at our Sacramento practice is performed by Patricia Sierra, MD and Samuel Lee, MD. Depending on the time of surgery, patients may be asked to skip breakfast. Eye drops and medications will be administered to help patients relax before surgery. A local or general anesthesia will also be given to make the procedure painless. Vision will be blurry during the procedure, so patients will be unable to see what is happening during the surgery itself.

To begin the procedure, your surgeon will measure the eye using a surgical microscope to determine the size of the corneal transplant. The damaged cornea is then removed and the replacement cornea is sewn in place. A shield is typically placed over the eye to complete the procedure. Patients should plan to have someone else drive them home after surgery and to their follow-up appointment, which will be scheduled for the next day.

​​​​​​​After a corneal transplant, it is important for patients to avoid rubbing or pressing on the eye, wear eyeglasses as a protective shield, use eye drops, use over-the-counter pain medications, and continue with daily activities without strenuous exercise. Stitches will be removed at your doctor's discretion, based upon the health of the eye and how quickly it is healing. Typically, stitches are not removed for several months following corneal transplant surgery at our Sacramento practice.

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