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About Us

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Our top priority at Sacramento Eye Consultants is achieving excellence in all we do. We became ophthalmologists to enhance patient lives by helping their vision. Therefore, we strive to provide the highest quality and safety of patient eye care through state of the art technology, surgical technique, clinical findings & treatment, and excellent customer service. If you are considering laser vision correction, need cataract or corneal eye surgery, or glaucoma therapy, our Sacramento surgeons can provide the care you need. We are available to answer any questions you may have and will do our best to make your experience with us a pleasant one.

The Doctors

Drs. Richard Grutzmacher, Richard Lewis, Patricia Sierra, Jacob Brubaker, and Samuel Lee are eye surgeons with advanced fellowship training in the medical and surgical care of eye disorders. Drs. Grutzmacher, Sierra, and Lee are corneal specialists emphasizing in laser eye surgery (iLASIK, Intralase, LASIK, and PRK), corneal transplantations, and cataract treatment in Sacramento.Dr. Lewis and Dr. Brubaker are glaucoma authorities who also specialize in cataract and vision correction procedures. In addition to these doctors, we have an exceptional optometrist, Dr. Robinson. She confidently treats patients, as well as prescribes glasses.

A pioneer and leader in laser vision correction, Dr. Grutzmacher was instrumental in advancing the development and growth of laser eye surgery in the Sacramento Valley region, having instructed numerous area physicians in PRK and LASIK techniques, as well as performing the first PRK in 1995 in the Greater Sacramento area.

The Staff

Our Practice Administrator, Kristi, efficiently coordinates our office.

When you walk into our practice, you will be greeted by one or more of our friendly front office staff including Ana, Connie, Dana, Isabele, Karen, Kathleen, Nai, Shweta, Stephanie, and Ruby. Our front office supervisor, Sarah M., helps to keep things running smoothly. Not only compassionate and sympathetic to the wide variety of individual needs encountered daily, but their knowledge of insurance requirements and office procedure scheduling also serves our patients well.

Assisting with such things as patient workups and counseling, prescription refills, and minor surgery are our team of Ophthalmic Assistants: Back Office Supervisor Kasey, Lead Technicians Amber, Steven, and Valerie, and Technicians Amanda, Fabricio, Jocelyn, Kat, Kayla, Mayumi, Michael and Stephen. The expertise offered by these individuals reflects their years of extensive training. Our visual field technician is Doreen.

Sometimes your visit will include the scheduling of surgery. As with everything else in our office, we have very qualified and knowledgeable surgery schedulers to direct and counsel you through the process. For procedure scheduling, such as cataracts, glaucoma surgery, corneal transplants or Laser Vision Correction, Christine, Wendy and Sophia will assist you. Ka and Ruby are the Surgical Assistants.

Our research coordinators, Dr. Robinson, Jaime, Alice, and Jessica assist Dr. Lewis, Dr. Grutzmacher, Dr. Sierra, Dr. Brubaker, and Dr. Lee with clinical research studies in new drug and device development. If you would like to learn more about our current studies, please feel free to contact Dr. Monica Robinson, Jaime, Alice, or Jessica to schedule an appointment or to discuss your options.

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