Patient Information

Whether you are coming in to find out if you are a candidate for laser vision correction or other eye surgery at our Sacramento office, the initial consultation is the key to determining your treatment needs and potential results. It may be quite involved. We will ask about your eyes, your general health, and medications that you take. It is helpful for you to bring a list of medications (drops or pills) with dosages you are presently using. If you wear glasses, bring them with you as well.

You should allow one to three hours for this initial consultation. Our doctors will examine your eyes thoroughly. Depending on the nature of the problem, several special tests may be performed. It is likely that your eyes will be dilated during the course of the examination, so we suggest you bring a pair of dark sunglasses and arrange to have someone drive you home. Following the examination, we will review our findings, thoroughly explain your treatment options, and answer any questions. If another physician has referred you, a summary of your initial and any subsequent examinations will be sent to your doctor, under whose care you will remain.

At Sacramento Eye Consultants, we believe that it is important for our patients to understand as much as possible about their condition and treatment options. The services and care we provide include educating you about your diagnosis and therapy; however, it is impossible to cover everything in the limited amount of time we have with each patient.

Therefore, we have designed this website to assist you in finding the answers you may be looking for with regard to your eye health. If at any time you have a question about your eye health or the laser eye surgery procedures we offer for vision correction, contact us at (916) 915-0300.

Additionally, please feel free to take our Eye Care Patient Survey HERE. We take our patient's opinions very seriously, and would greatly appreciate any input you can provide regarding your experience at our Eye Care Centers.

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