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Cataract Center

Cataracts ExampleTo say that eye surgery requires precision is an understatement. Whether we are performing LASIK, cataract implants or glaucoma surgery seeing as much as possible ensures the best results and avoids problems. As you can imagine, the wonderful technology that we use on a regular basis in modern eye surgery demands optimal visualization. This includes high powered microscopes, special mirrors and other tools to ensure clinical success. A recent innovation using 3D technology is one more aid. At our Capital City Surgery Center, we have been using the 3D System developed from TrueVision, INC (Santa Barbara, CA).

This camera is attached to our high-powered microscope and projects the 3D image on a large flat screen in the operating room. Using special 3D glasses, everyone in the OR can watch the surgery in 3D. The enhanced visualization reveals surgical fields in a manner that allows greater appreciation of depth. This helps avoid problems in the OR but also is a valuable tool in teaching the latest procedures to other ophthalmologists and allied health personnel. The 3D phenomenon we hear so much about in movies and home television is also coming into the OR!

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