How Routine Eye Exams Save Vision

How Routine Eye Exams Save Vision

How Routine Eye Exams Save Vision

How Routine Eye Exams Save Vision

Many people believe that visiting an eye doctor is unnecessary unless you have an eye condition or need eyeglasses. Nothing can be further from the truth. Just as you visit your dentist regularly, visiting an eye doctor for routine eye exams should be a regular part of your life as well. Catching, treating, and preventing eye conditions early will save you tons of money, grief, and time.


Whether you are in your 20s or in your 70s, vision loss can happen. That is why you should undergo routine eye exams. In addition to checking whether you need a change in prescription, the exams can also keep your eyes healthy. They play an important role in helping you maintain a clear vision.


Why Routine Eye Exams Are Important


Getting your eyes examined regularly can prevent eye conditions that cause vision loss. Eye care professionals recommend routine exams for individuals of all ages. They also recommend them for those with vision trouble, a history of eye disease, or chronic conditions like diabetes.


Even if you do not have an underlying condition, routine eye exams are very important. To understand how they can help save your vision, consider the following:


They Can Help Eye Doctors Detect Other Conditions


If you are at risk of diabetes and hypertension, you need to have a comprehensive eye exam. This type of eye examination can help your eye doctor identify any undiagnosed conditions. Many people find out they have diabetes or hypertension after a routine eye exam. Also, it is possible to detect some types of cancer through an eye exam.


Bulging eyeballs can be a sign of thyroid disease, while headaches around your eyes and blurry vision can be a sign of a brain tumor. Abnormal eyelids and pupils with irregular shapes can help eye doctors detect a neck tumor. Also, some autoimmune conditions can cause eye inflammation.


Prevention Is Cheaper and Better Than Cure


Routine eye exams can play an important role in detecting and managing vision and eye problems early. Conditions such as macular degeneration and myopia are becoming a global epidemic. An increasing number of younger individuals are developing such conditions.


Other eye conditions, such as glaucoma, are very subtle until vision loss has progressed. Most people with glaucoma do not know they have it until it is too late. The condition can cause permanent blindness. Fortunately, most eye conditions are treatable when detected and addressed early. This is why routine eye examinations are important.


Restoring Your Vision


Routine eye exams can play a critical role in restoring vision. During your appointments, your eye doctor will check your eyes and eyesight. In case of any changes in your eyesight, your doctor will update your prescription. This will help you get the proper eyeglasses or contact lenses necessary for clear vision.


Your general eye health will determine how often you need to undergo routine eye exams. However, eye care professionals recommend annual eye exams to detect changes or problems early before they worsen.


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