Benefits of Toric Lenses

Benefits of Toric Lenses

Benefits of Toric Lenses

Benefits of Toric Lenses

Many people with astigmatism fear that regular contact lenses cannot help with their condition. Fortunately, technological advancement has birthed toric lenses, the tailor-made solution for astigmatism. The lenses’ unique design helps to end or reduce the corneal astigmatism progression. The lenses also resolve uncorrected distance vision.


The Benefits

Toric contact lenses work best for persons with both astigmatism and refractive errors. Examples of refractive errors are nearsightedness (myopia) and farsightedness (hyperopia). Typically, soft contacts correct refractive errors only. They do nothing for astigmatism. But, toric lenses resolve both conditions at the same time. They correct the corneal shape, which causes refractive errors.

Unlike standard soft contacts, toric contact lenses stay in place. Regular contacts occasionally shift in the eye and will need you to keep placing them back in. Toric lenses have somewhat weighted and thick edges that secure the lenses in place. The weights are placed at the 12 and 6 o’clock axes.

Different meridians in the toric lenses also mean that the lenses cannot rotate around the eye. They can only move along the vertical axis, to the cornea’s orientation. As such, they remain in place, around your pupil, and your vision is not affected. On the other hand, spherical soft lenses have uniform power in all their meridians, making it easy for them to shift whenever the user blinks.

Toric lenses are of different brands, each offering different fits. If a particular brand does not fit you well, you can always try a different brand until you get your most suited lenses. With these lenses also, a pair from one brand may not work well for both eyes. The reason is that each eye has an exclusive type of astigmatism. As such, you may need more than a pair, and sometimes different brands, to get the best fit for your eyes. Your doctor will work with you to ensure that your vision improves and that you are comfortable.

Toric lenses improve your vision significantly. They are designed based on specific meridians measured from the pupil like a radius is to a circle. The meridians determine the power of the lenses, which should be specific to your astigmatism.

Toric lenses offer protection from blue light known to damage the eyes progressively. Most of the digital devices people use all day produce high energy blue light that may damage the retina. Blue light also increases the likelihood of developing macular degeneration. Toric lenses protect your eyes from blue light, ultraviolet sun rays, and light from fluorescent light bulbs. These lights are linked to increased risks of developing cataracts. As such, toric contact lenses protect the eyes from other degenerative eye diseases.

Toric lenses are sold at a fair price. The price of a pair of toric lenses may be lower than the price of regular spherical contacts. Even if the price goes higher, the lenses are still worth it due to fit and design complexity. The lenses’ unique material and manufacture also raise their prices.


Toric lenses are your best bet at getting an all-round solution for your eyes. You get to correct more than one eye condition with only a pair of lenses. Get your toric lenses fitted by Sacramento Eye Consultants in Sacramento and Lincoln, California. You can also call 916-915-0300 to request an appointment.

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