Visx Custom LASIK

Advanced CustomVue™ provides wavefront-guided treatment for the unique imperfections of an individual eye, allowing patients to experience vision correction with 25 times more precision than traditional LASIK.

Advanced CustomVue™ LASIK& PRK uses technology developed in astrophysics to reduce distortions in images viewed in space with high-powered telescopes. It was recognized by scientists that this research could be applied to the excimer laser in correcting vision, which led to the treatment of unique vision imperfections.

Wavefront™ technology can be divided into two parts: Wavefront™ diagnostic technology and Wavefront™ treatment. The diagnostic portion occurs during the pre-op visit using a machine called the WaveScan WaveFront System featuring Fourier algorithms. The measurement, or WavePrint, is obtained by using multiple beams of light to pass through the eye. As the light rays return or bounce out of the eye, thousands of measurements are obtained. These measurements are in the orientation of a wavefront. Using the data collected, we can detect imperfections in the visual system, as well as provide correction on a much more detailed level than currently measured.

lasik imaging

The second part to an Advanced CustomVue™ LASIK or PRK correction is the Wavefront™ treatment. This is the actual treatment part of laser correction. The WavePrint is now used to correct the detected imperfections by guiding the VISX® Star S4 IR Excimer Laser System as it reshapes the eye. Regular refractive disorders like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism can be corrected, as well as other visual irregularities not previously treatable with traditional LASIK and PRK. Monovision is also a wavefront approved correction by the FDA.

To learn more about LASIK and PRK eye surgery, or to schedule an appointment for traditional LASIK or Advanced CustomVue™, also known as Wavefront™ LASIK in Sacramento, contact our office today.

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