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Glaucoma Research

Preventing people from losing vision due to glaucoma has been our goal from the beginning. Dr. Richard Lewis and his staff have been involved in clinical glaucoma research for the past 25 years. We are pleased to welcome Dr. Jacob Brubaker to the research efforts. We continue our research efforts in a variety of projects including studies to:

  1. Understand why people get glaucoma
  2. Develop tests that can make an earlier diagnosis before vision loss occurs
  3. explore for new medications and surgeries to more effectively treat glaucoma

Our efforts have succeeded with the help of patients who volunteer for clinical trials. The studies are conducted in our office and are supervised by Dr. Lewis and his staff.



Dr. Lewis discusses the importance of his role as clinician-consultant in advancing innovation in glaucoma therapeutics. For more information view the entire article in Ophthalmology Times.


At the present time, we are recruiting patients interested in the following studies:

  1. Research project using a drug delivery system that delivers a glaucoma therapy over the course of one year via three treatment sessions per year.
  2. New surgery treatment to treat glaucoma in patients undergoing cataract surgery. 
  3. New glaucoma therapeutic agent that acts by remodeling the trabecular meshwork: the filtering drain of the eye.  By remodeling the drain, we hope to see increased flow from the eye and decreased eye pressure.

If you would like to learn more about our current studies in glaucoma research, please call Dr. Monica Robinson and/or Jaime, our research coordinators, at (916) 649-1515.



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